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Catherine Baxter 

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Claire Beach 

Among The Trees Forest Therapy
Otter Point Lane, Perth Road, ON, Canada

Scott Berry 

Original Path Guiding
555 Cougar St, Banff, AB T0L 0C0, Canada

Tracey Conn 

unEarthing Nature Therapy
Regina, SK, Canada

Anna de Langley 

Belfountain, ON, Canada

Ann Evans 

Shin Mei Spiritual Centre/Matsuri Foundation of Canada
Shin Mei Spiritual Centre, Knapp Island, Sidney, BC, Canada
Phone #2506560755

Connie Evans 

Arbor Vitae Nature and Forest Therapy
Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Beth Foster 

Forest Bathing with Beth
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
705 828 3525

Sock Gee Gan 

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Monique Giroux 

The Forest Whisperer
Toronto, ON, Canada

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