NFTC is Canada’s independent, non-profit organization
for Nature and Forest Therapy.
As an evidence-based practice,

Nature and Forest Therapy has demonstrated health benefits.
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Nature and Forest Therapy in Canada,
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Who is NFTC?

Nature and Forest Therapy Canada is a Canadian organization of forest therapy guides. Based on solid science, guided forest therapy helps participants achieve better health through connections with nature and the forest environment.

Our Mission

We believe in the health, wellbeing and relational benefits of connecting people to nature. We mobilize and support Canadian forest therapy guides in a network to promote the benefits of guided forest therapy walks and to create opportunities to expand this work.

Information For You

Regardless of your background, whether you are a health care professional, researcher or other potential partner, a guide or someone thinking of becoming a guide, or a member of the public looking for a good way to improve your health, NFTC has more information for you!


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how forest therapy
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Health Benefit Research

Improve Mood

According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, a 30 minute walk in the forest can decrease hostility, depressive feelings, increase liveliness and improve your next night’s sleep? The results also showed lower pulses in participants who walked in the forest.

  • Stress – forest environments promote lower concentrations of cortisol.
  • Anxiety – spending time in the forest reduces blood pressure and pulse rate.

Decrease Stress

Did you know that a 20 minute walk in the forest
can reduce the level of stress hormone cortisol by 16%
compared to people who walk in urban areas?
Researchers found that forest bathing
“may be employed as a stress reduction method,
and forest environments can be viewed as therapeutic landscapes.”

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