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Join Our Passionate Community

Become a part of a dedicated community of Canadian forest therapy guides who are committed to championing this transformative practice across the nation. We share a common devotion to a professional and relational approach to forest therapy.

Be Found on the National Guide Map

Enhance your visibility and reach potential clients through our National Guide Map, which features your location and contact details. Expand your reach and connect with eager forest therapy seekers.

Showcase Your Events

Promote your upcoming hosted walks through our events calendar. Reach a wider audience and make your events a resounding success.

Stay Ahead of Industry Standards

In a dynamic landscape where tourism and wellness industry standards continually evolve, maintaining an active membership is crucial. Clients are actively seeking out highly trained guides who deliver exceptional programs. By being a member, you ensure you stay at the forefront of the field.

Representation at Key Events

As a member, you have a voice and representation at pivotal workshops, conferences, and meetings related to forest therapy in Canada.

Group Insurance Options at Reduced Rates

Secure your peace of mind with group insurance options at reduced rates. Our membership provides a direct link to essential insurance information.

Join Vibrant Regional and National Events

Our members are invited to join an array of regional events and national community calls held regularly. Forge connections, gain insights, and be part of like-minded community committed to learning and growing together.

Stay Informed with Newsletters and Social Media

Our regular newsletters and social media feeds keep you informed about the latest developments, insights, and opportunities in the world of forest therapy.

Engage with other Canadian guides through the Canadian NFTC/SINC WhatsApp group. Stay connected, share experiences, and learn from fellow professionals.

Access Exclusive Resources

Gain access to a treasure trove of resources through the members’ resource page on our website. This includes an event calendar, access to past community calls, a research list, and other invaluable tools to enhance your practice.

Exclusive Pro-Deals and Professional Development Discounts

Unlock pro-deals with top outdoor companies. As a certified guide in good standing, you’ll enjoy special discounts and offers, adding value to your professional journey.

Invest in your growth with discounted rates for professional development sessions. Expand your skill set and provide an even more exceptional experience to your clients.

Contribute to Your Association’s Success

Your annual membership dues directly support the ongoing development and success of your professional association. Your commitment is an investment in the growth of the forest therapy community.

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