Invitation to participate in research

Shawn Slade, a Ph.D. Candidate at Western University is inviting residents of Ontario to participate. See details below.

This invitation is provided for your information only. NFTC / SINC is not affiliated or involved with, nor does it endorse or take responsibility for, this research project.

Shawn Slade is conducting research on the experience of connecting with nature in the forest setting and what that means to participants’ health and well-being. This is a student project required for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. The purpose of your participation in this research is to help the researcher gain a deeper understanding of this phenomenon from your personal experience connecting with nature. We are recruiting 10-15 participants for this study.

Participation in this study involves participating in two one-on-one interviews lasting approximately an hour in duration. The first interview will be conducted on Zoom. In these interviews, you will be asked about your experience connecting with nature in the forest setting. After the first interview, I will compile a list of the stories you share and email them back to you as a means of helping you reflect further on your experience connecting with nature and what that means for your health and well-being, and to allow you the opportunity to expand on the experience and clarify any misinterpretations from the initial interview in our second interview. Our second interview will take place either on Zoom or if logistically possible and weather permitting, we can conduct our second interview in a forest setting of your choice.

In order to be eligible for participation you must meet the list of inclusion criteria below:

  1. Over the age of 18 as the purpose of the study is to understand the experience of adults;
  2. Resident of Ontario Canada;
  3. Someone who self-identifies as valuing nature connection and incorporates nature connection in the forest setting into their life.

Participants will be excluded if they live outside of Canada, English is not their primary language, or they do not have access to a Zoom account.

Your decision whether or not to participate in this study is voluntary and will not affect your relationship with Western University or the research team. If you choose to participate in this study, you can withdraw your consent and discontinue participation at any time without prejudice. Please note that you can request withdrawal of your study data at any time before data analysis.

If you are interested in participating please email Shawn Slade at or call at 519-933-5038. Shawn will verify your eligibility to participate in this study and provide you with the letter of informed consent to sign in order to become a participant of this study.

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